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Through transforming and opening up the perceptual possibilities of a medium, Francesca Bleay creates abstract paintings that seek a deliberate tension between chaos and control that are rendered in acrylic paint.


By exploring painterly language that is informed by both contemporary and historic abstract painting, Bleay creates transcendent planes through layering a multitude of techniques that display her physical experience when painting. Each mark manifests into a reaction and response to another mark. Through this process, Bleay leaves the viewer attempting to reveal the beneath, behind and the beyond. Bleay positions colour in her paintings as a visual strategy that sits between abstraction and the viewer, allowing the viewer to access her painterly gestures through her carefully selected colour choices.

What New Blood Art have to say about Francesca: 

‘Beauty is mysterious as well as terrible. God and the devil are fighting there, and the battlefield is the heart of man.’ The words of Dostoevsky seem to beautifully surmise the focus of Francesca Bleay’s work: the tension between chaos and control. 

Bleay layers a variety of kaleidoscopic paints, using a litany of techniques and marks. However, this is not where Bleay’s art ends, it is the ‘after’ where her work truly comes into its own. Concerned with how materials react, what marks do to each other – Bleay’s work investigates the reactional process, and how, given chance, chaos is born from control and might give way to beauty.

Alongside her abstract paintings, Francesca also sells more affordable and accessible works via her website shop such as limited edition prints, scarves, coasters and ornaments to help bridge the gap between fine art and accessibility. 

Purchase Francesca Bleay's artwork now, joining collectors from all over the world.

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